Implement Fortune 100 Corporate Sales Techniques
Into Your Retail Store

See How Easily You Can Increase Your Retail Sales

Learn how these subconscious sales techniques will increase your gross sales revenue better than anything you've ever seen!

The Psychology of Persuasion For Retail Stores

The Psychology of Persuasion Seminar is recognized around the world as the seminar which delivers incredible results for people who influence. This particular program is specifically designed for the Retail Industry from the principles found in this worldwide best-selling book.

Your Sales Associates will Learn:

  • Applying the 10 Laws of Influence to Retail Stores
  • Persuasion Techniques for Retail Stores
  • The latest in the Field of Persuasion
  • Ken's 20 Retail Techniques to Make Your Sales Soar
  • So much more!

The ability to communicate persuasively is a skill that can be used in all aspects of your Retail operation. These strategies and techniques are utilized by the largest corporations in the world - now they are available to you!

You've got to be serious about learning human behavior for this to make sense!

Are you ready to break-through outdated sales models to make this work?

Here are a few Retail market benefits that you will gain from the Psychology of Persuasion seminar taught by Ken Owens:

  • Reciprocity - What are you giving away?
  • What smells (scents) increase sales?
  • Pain/pleasure and negative/positive sentence framing.
  • Engaging your customers will increase sales.
  • Always say YES!
  • Spatial proxemics (store layout) for increasing sales.
  • What are you first at?
  • Why do you ask your customers for a favor?
  • How will your products simplify your client's life?
  • Who is your common enemy?
  • How to win the pricing game.
  • How do emotions impact the purchase decision?
  • What is the best way to handle your competitors?
  • Make your clients HAPPY!
  • And much, much more...

How much is information like this worth to your Retail Store?

Remember, major corporations pay us in excessive of $25,000 a day to teach their employees this information. (That can average out to over $2,500 per person.) Of course, if you think about it, a technique you can use anytime you want to create vast sums of money yourself could easily be worth $1,500. That's a small price to pay for the tens or hundreds of thousands of additional sales dollars you would make with this knowledge.

Retail Persuasion Seminar by Ken OwensHowever, for a limited time, this Retail Store seminar is conservatively priced at a fraction of those stated values with an introductory discount for selected geogaphical areas. But to be sure you get this special price, you must act now, before your neighboring competitive store beats you to this knowledge.

$10,000 Free Business Tip: Many store owners have experienced what research has also proven - that customer loyalty programs work extremely well. Things like a punch card that if you buy 5 manicures or 10 haircuts or 6 oil changes or 10 ice cream cones, then your next one is free. Current research has shown that there is an 80% increase in customers returning if you punch the first two spots, instead of just the first one when you hand them a new card. This act of punching two signifies to their subconscious that they must be special if you are doing that for them. Making a customer feel important, exclusive, or special builds repeat business. Know this fact; you can actually build this into your loyalty card program by increasing your free offer after 6 instead of 5 if you punch the first two spots. Therefore, you are not really losing any additional revenue.

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