Implement Fortune 100 Communication Techniques
Into Your Classroom

Why Are Some Teachers Always The Most Effective?

Learn how to increase student comprehension and become the popular teacher!

Here are a few academic classroom benefits that you will gain from the Psychology of Persuasion seminar taught by Ken Owens:

  • What is the optimum order for presenting materials?
  • Pain/pleasure and negative/positive sentence framing.
  • Engaging your students increases comprehension.
  • Precision and confusion techniques for retention.
  • Always say YES!
  • Spatial proxemics (classroom dynamics) for increasing retention.
  • What are you first at?
  • Are you a perceived expert in your subject?
  • Why do you ask your students for a favor?
  • How will your subject matter simplify your student's life?
  • Who is your common enemy?
  • How do emotions impact student decisions?
  • Dozens of mind access cues (do's and don'ts) for gaining rapport.
  • And much, much more...

This is priceless information which will have a lifelong positive impact on your students.

Remember, major corporations pay us in excess of $25,000 a day to teach their employees this information. (That can average out to over $2,500 per person.) Of course, if you think about it, you cannot put a price tag on information which will motivate and increase comprehension and retention of materials for a student. With the current state of the US educational system, it is a mission of ours to make this information available to as many educators as possible. It is a social responsibility for everyone to help develop our youth into the successful leaders of tomorrow.

Classroom Persuasion Seminar by Ken OwensFor a limited time, this Classroom Persuasion seminar is conservatively priced with an introductory discount for selected geogaphical areas. But to be sure you get this special price, you must act now, before your neighboring school district beats you to this knowledge.

Contact us NOW to secure this seminar for the teachers in your school.

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