Implement Fortune 100 Corporate Marketing Techniques
Into Your Business Plan

Learn the secrets that major corporations use to persuade you to buy their products and services!

In today's new economy, small businesses need to take advantage of the marketing secrets that large corporations use on a daily basis. However, small businesses cannot afford to hire expensive Madison Avenue advertising and marketing experts. The principles taught in this program will allow you to harness those same persuasive techniques and use them to propel your small business to new heights of success in this current economy.

This is what top pro's do when they want to take their business to the next level

Here is what you will master in this Persuasion Marketing Program:
  • Branding - for you and your company
  • How to become a perceived expert
  • Enhancing the 4 ways to build a business
  • Learn non-verbal body language techniques
  • Harness the power of the Post-it Note
  • What are inherited communication cues?
  • Incorporating the Laws of Persuasion
  • Learn Price's Law
  • Implement Omega Strategies
  • And much, much more . . .

"Successful people think differently."
~ Steve Jobs, Apple

This is the time to reinvent your business!

With the drastic changes occurring in our economy, an adaptive small business can have an advantage over large corporations. It is your mission to learn today, what you need to do in order to harness these economical changes to your advantage. Start to think differently and implement these persuasion marketing skills into your daily business routine.

P.S. Why should you listen to me? Listen to what best-selling The Psychology of Persuasion author Kevin Hogan says:

Psychology of Persuasion Book"If you're looking for a speaker or trainer for your sales, marketing, HR or even IT team, Ken Owens might just be your best choice. A strong reputation for getting results not just giving a seminar makes Ken uniquely qualified to help your group learn to persuade others quickly, ethically and elegantly. Ken knows more about influence, persuasion and selling than just about anyone I've ever met. More importantly he transfers usable skills in a very short period of time. Whether you're looking for someone to enhance communication skills or getting your people to close more deals, Ken Owens will do it for you at your next meeting.

Ken is a man of high integrity, great wisdom, and a man with a knack for getting the job done. He is a "go the extra mile" person that sets him worlds apart from the rest of the pack!"

Unlock The Secrets Of Corporate Marketing Techniques NOW

For everyday you wait to learn this information, you are throwing away thousands of dollars in lost sales!

Contact Ken to secure this training program for your business - before your competition does!!

Ken Owens is a human potential consultant in the areas of persuasion and sales consulting. He has over 20 years of corporate, small business, and non-profit management experience; as well as being an annual corporate $1 million sales producer.

Ken blends his corporate sales and management experience with his 10 years of crisis counseling and training expertise; along with several degrees in Liberal Arts, Business Management, Ethics, and Mind Dynamics. He has spoken in 47 of the United States; along with Canada, Puerto Rico, The Bahamas, England and Slovenia!

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"Ken has a very disarming ability to present information that is both useful and provocative. I know I can almost immediately put his strategies to use in my own life."Tom Terwilliger, Former Mr. USA. Owner of Terwilliger Fitness

"Ken, your presentation rocks!" Roberto Monaco, Tony Robbins Corporation

"Ken’s message is inspiring. The number of speakers in his chosen field who bring the possibility/necessity of supporting charity goes right back to the ‘cast your bread upon the water’ school of thought – it works! Sadly, many others in his business don’t mention it." Tim Taggart, Incentive Services, Inc.

"Ken delivers this material in an engaging and enthusiastic manner. As a fellow presenter in the Persuasion and Influence field, I hope to be able to collect the audience’s attention and deliver my material even half as well." Michael McKinley, Michael McKinley, LLC

"Very inspiring! A wonderful method to get people to do the things they aspire to do!" Todd Stueve, Next Financial Group

“It is very important material you share with us each time you come.” Oakland Community College

“I can tell that you’re really committed to what you do. If there’s going to be any change in the world, there needs to be more people like you.” Staywell Corporation

“I really appreciate your many contributions to our program.” Oakwood Healthcare System
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